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In short: (1) to be part of a movement to improve the housing market in the USA, and (2) to generate income.

The Universal Design Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with a vision for every community across the USA to have a surplus of homes that are universally and financially accessible to households affected by disability.

Our belief is that this can happen if we make it easy and desirable for home builders to build new homes that are more functional and more affordable than the status quo.


We want to co-design a home with you for the purpose of creating the best library of universally designed home plans that will be available for sale through our national network of home builders.

Home Builders

We want you to join our network of builders across the USA so people in your community know who to go to when they want to build a new universally accessible home.

Everyone else

We’re only working with architects and home builders right now. Please join our email list through the information request form (just leave the profession options unchecked) and we’ll keep you updated about new opportunities.

If you have firsthand experience with disability, you might be interested in being a design advisor:

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