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These courses will be evolving in 2023.

Scroll down to see what we offer. You’ll notice two courses that don’t fit the focus on universal design: one for home modifications & one for task adaptations. This is to help people where they are while making a case for universal accessibility as a long-term solution.

Our flagship course, “Design Guidelines for Universally Accessible Homes” is still in the works. We need a lot of visuals to complete it, and we’re still working on funding to make that possible. If you purchase an All Access Pass, you’ll receive access when it’s finished.

The State of Accessible Housing

Learn about the lack of accessible housing in the USA, how that affects people’s lives, and the challenges of developing more accessible homes.

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This course has 19 lessons. Here’s a sample:

Collaborative Teams for Optimal Outcomes

Learn about co-designing homes with people who have different perspectives about accessibility. No one knows it all. It’s important to work together.

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This course has 15 lessons. Here’s a sample:

Modifications for Non-Accessible Homes

Learn about various ways to change the home environment to better support accessibility needs right now and far into the future.

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This course has 13 lessons. Here’s a sample:

Adaptations for Everyday Tasks

Learn about different assistive technology for activities of daily living. Life at home can be easier and safer with some new strategies and tools.

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This course has 37 lessons. Here’s a sample:

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We also have another free course created for occupational therapy students and practitioners: “Non-Clinical Occupational Therapy Practice Settings.”

These courses are not approved for CEU credits… yet.