Help us increase the demand for universally accessible housing.

Where the money goes:

While the ultimate beneficiaries of our efforts are people affected by disability and their communities, our work occurs on a systems level to move toward more universally accessible homes in the national housing stock. We do not provide housing, nor do we perform home modifications for accessibility.

Your financial support will fund the following:

  1. Hiring an architect and a 3D artist to collaboratively design a home and finish creating our “Design Guidelines for Universally Accessible Homes” course. We intend to create stunning visuals of what’s possible with home design when every last detail is considered for usability by all people. This will help people better understand universal design and how it benefits everyone.

  2. National outreach to multiple strategic partners across the United States. We’re forming partnerships to (1) get our online educational courses into the hands of as many people as possible and (2) increase the adoption of the Residential Universal Design Building Code.

  3. Significant discounts for our online educational courses for people who can’t afford to spend $100-250 for access.

We have a few other things in the pipeline, but these are priorities for 2023. If you have any questions or are interested in learning what a large gift could support, please email Scott Pruett.