Mission & Vision

Increase the demand.
See the supply go up.

America needs more universally accessible homes to meet the needs of our communities, but home builders won’t build them simply because it’s a “good idea.” Here’s what we do (our mission) and where we’re headed (our vision):

Our Mission:

To increase the demand for universally accessible homes.

Housing is a complex industry with many moving parts. The homes built are designed in response to what people want (and can afford) and what local governing authorities decide is best for their communities.

We focus on community education and collaborative design that integrates the healthcare perspective into the home design process. By bringing more attention to the need for universally accessible housing and showing people what universally designed homes look like (and how they’re attainable), we believe we can increase the demand for universally accessible housing.

When demand increases, supply will follow.

Our Vision:

For every community across the United States to have a surplus of universally accessible homes.

In a perfect world, every community would have a surplus of homes that “just work” for anyone, no matter what type of health condition(s) exist.

Universally accessible homes consider the impact of all possible types of health-related impairments that people may experience throughout life. They provide as much functionality as possible. They’re not tailored toward any specific demographic and are usable by all people.

Everyone should be able to (1) live well in their own homes, (2) live in their preferred locations, and (3) be able to socialize with friends and families in other homes.