Universal design is usable by all people.
But who does "all people" really include?

(no, this isn't a trick question)

Wall of People

The people on this page have graciously shared their stories with us.
Each will give you a different perspective on who to include in universal design efforts.
Click on each to view a story, and feel free to add yours below.

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Universal design is regularly seen as “special,” but it shouldn’t be.

We want to help others understand that disability isn’t only what “those other people” deal with. It’s part of life for everyday people.

Sometimes disability is long-term and sometimes it’s short-term. It might be caused by illness, injury, a condition we were born with, or simply the effects of age.

If you have experience with disability, regardless of its severity, will you join our wall and share your story?

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Interview Clips

photo of Becky and Sarah
Desires for the Design of Homes
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Things People Enjoy Doing
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Desires for Activity and Event Planning
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Desires for the Design of Public Places
photo of Nicole and Donna
Things People Don’t Understand
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How People Want To Be Seen
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How To Interact With Others