Who benefits from universal design?
Everyone (all people), but especially people affected by disability.

The difficult thing to understand is that "disability" is part of the human experience. It's not just a category of the population.

Age, illness, injuries, or health conditions can affect how well (or not well) our bodies function.

Wall of People

The people on this page have graciously shared their stories with us.
Each will give you a different perspective on who to include in universal design efforts.
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Interview Clips

photo of Becky and Sarah
Desires for the Design of Homes
photo of Nicole and Charlie
Things People Enjoy Doing
photo of Tabitha
Desires for Activity and Event Planning
photo of the Burrows family
Desires for the Design of Public Places
photo of Nicole and Donna
Things People Don’t Understand
photo of Max and Jo
How People Want To Be Seen
photo of Sara and Katie
How To Interact With Others