075: Accessible Communities

Join us as we discuss how the perception of disability and the social determinants of health impact the widespread implementation of UD in US neighborhoods.

074: Paint Color – An Array of UD Options

Paint color has a profound impact on how we interact with our world, sometimes causing us to run from it. Learn how color and contrast impact our function.

073: Universal Design: Living and Learning on Campus

We discuss a home environment that’s often overlooked… college. It’s a place where individuals can live, work, play, learn, and thrive so it needs UD too!

072: Home Design and Service Dogs

We discuss how the design of a home impacts service dogs helping their humans and adaptive strategies people can use to care for pets.

071: UD and Me Nate Pickett

Learn from our current OT student about his favorite UD things and how he became interested in non-traditional OT practice.

070: UD and Me Alee Halsey

JMU Occupational Therapy student, Alee Halsey, shares her favorite UD things from raised gardening beds to flexible lighting solutions.

069: Interview with Taylor Davis

Learn more about how an architect has learned to focus on the benefits of universal design in residential design for the clients she serves!

068: UD and Me Ashley Miller

Get to know Ashely and her great advice for DIYers like herself, to add in accessibility features with each home renovation.

067: UD and Me Daniel-Hannah Grace

OT student, Daniel-Hannah Grace, shares her favorite UD things and how she became interested in universal design!

066: Non-Traditional OT Practice

Discussion regarding the dynamic shift in the occupational therapy profession and emerging areas of practice.

065: Learned Creativity

Our Design Advisors get candid about how they channeled their creative side to make a good fit when there was no available or affordable option.

064: Forever Homes

The concept of a forever home and why most Americans want to remain in their homes for long periods of time, even if it is no longer a good fit.

063: Conversations about Flooring

Our Design Advisors share how flooring an be a good or poor fit in another episode of our candid conversations series!

062: Conversations about Bedrooms

Our Design Advisors get candid about how the design of bedrooms and closets can be a good fit or poor fit.

061: UD and Me: Rachel Melvin

OT student, Rachel Melvin, shares her favorite UD things and how she became interested in an internship with our organization.

060: Conversations about Outside Pathways

Our Design Advisors get candid about how the design of pathways to the front door can be a good fit or poor fit.

059: UD and Me: Nicole Grinberg

Our new interior design student, Nicole, sits down with the team to share what spawned her passion for universal design.

058: UD and Me: Maria Lindbergh

We welcome a very special guest today to discuss some favorite UD features and ideas!

057: Visitability

Perspectives on UD features that can make homes welcoming for a wide variety of people.

056: UD and Me: Viola Dwyer

What brought one of our most vocal design advisors to the world of universal design? Today we get to find out!

055: Most Common UD Features

Today we chat about the top 3 UD features that come up in most conversations about accessible design.

054: UD and Me: Matthew Shapiro

Learn more about Matthew’s favorite UD things and how 6 Wheels Consulting is impacting the community.

053: Public Restrooms

What do some of our Design Advisors have to say about the accessibility (or lack thereof) in public restrooms?

052: Temporary Disabilities

An interview series to learn more about the effect of temporary disabilities on everyday life.

051: Trash Day!

A chat about the smelly challenge of trash and some UD ideas that could make it easier for everyone!

050: 50th Episode Celebration!

A look back at some of our favorite moments from our first 50 episodes!

049: The Great Outdoors

A chat about inclusive and accessible outdoor recreation, just in time for the summer!

048: Summer Vacation!

It’s almost that time of year–summer vacation! Today we talk about vacation rentals and accessibility.

047: COVID Long Haulers

How can universal design be used to support COVID long haulers? Tune into our newest episode to find out!

046: UD and Me: Sally Kiker

Allow us to introduce our newest student, Sally Kiker. She shares how she became interested in Universal Design!