Functional Analysis:

  • Material
  • Easy to clean/keeps children clean.
  • Wipes down easily.
  • Silicone may not be bendable to manipulate and transport with ease.
  • Large Bowl/Pocket
  • Designed to catch food, reduce food spillage onto child’s lap.
  • This could benefit an individual who cannot manipulate a high chair tray who may opt to feed child without the tray or feed them in another location without a high chair.
  • Snaps
  • Could be difficult for an individual to manipulate.
  • Parent review states that these straps are difficult to tighten.
  • Straps could put indentions on the child’s neck: may need to add some type of cushion/cloth for comfort.
  • Other Considerations
  • Depending on the high chair, this bowl may not fit with the high chair tray; however, it could work if child sits in booster seat or up to the kitchen table without a tray.

Worth Noting:

Large bowl can easily catch food and the bib is a thicker material compared to other brands. One must manipulate a snap to secure the bib.

Green bib with large bowl at bottom. Strap snaps onto side of bib.