Boba Baby Wrap

Functional Analysis:

  • Full Body-Wrap
  • Length of material is flexible to fit variety of body types.
  • Easy to support the individual in performing breast feeding.
  • Excess fabric could be difficult to manipulate to wrap around yourself.
  • Excess fabric could benefit an individual who is in a wheelchair to use to wrap around the back of their wheelchair to provide additional trunk support.
  • Excess fabric could cover the child’s head and decrease their air flow.
  • Individuals may need assistance to manipulate wrap around body.
  • Convertability
  • Versatile to wrap child facing the front, back, and on the hip.
  • Safety
  • Baby in safe ergonomic seated position.
  • Other Consderations
  • Machine washable.
  • Parent reviews state they prefer this type of wrap as it holds the baby close to their bodies making it easier to perform other household tasks (i.e. cooking and laundry).
  • Moving the child to and from sling could be difficult to do independently based on abilities.

Worth Noting:

Full body wrap that fits all body types. Can be complicated to manipulate and adjust.

Female wearing gray fabric wrap with baby facing toward her.