Born Free Tru-Temp Bottle Warmer and Cooler

Functional Analysis:

  • Display
  • Illuminated features can help an individual see in dimly lit room, and may be helpful for someone who has low vision.
  • This device has a safety feature that flashes a red light when water is low.
  • The large power button can benefit an individual with limited dexterity in pushing the button to operate.
  • The dial does not provide tactile feedback to help individuals determine if it’s positioned at the desired setting. The loose feel of the dial could make it difficult for individuals with limited dexterity to control the settings.
  • Timer
  • Individuals required to set the timer; however, it does remember the previous setting.
  • Stops quickly by pushing the power button. Other warmers require individuals to turn off the timer then power off.
  • No alarm feature is present to alert individuals that the milk is ready.
  • Cooling Storage
  • This device has a cooling storage area that can hold bottles up to 8 hours or till the next feeding.
  • Has setting for refrigerated milk or lukewarm milk. Some other bottle warmers do not.
  • Heating
  • Can heat all types of bottles.

Worth Noting:

Has an area for heating the bottle as well as storing the bottle to keep it cool for later use. Lighted dial is easy to see and read.

Silver and white product with illuminated display and dial.