Bumkins Waterproof Sleeved Bib

Functional Analysis:

  • Material
  • Waterproof long sleeved bib for ages (6-24 mo) is designed to be easy to clean.
  • Full body bib can protect the child from spilled food all over their body.
  • Flexible material allows an individual to manipulate and transport the bib with ease from one place to the next.
  • Machine washable, but hang dry.
  • Tie
  • equires individuals to tie strings together to secure in a bow, which be difficult for someone with decreased hand function.
  • Could be difficult for an individual with decreased hand function to untie and take off child.
  • Pocket
  • Too small and narrow to efficiently catch food.

Worth Noting:

Full body bib with long sleeves helps keep child clean during eating. Material is waterproof and easy to clean. Bib secured with a tie.

Long sleeved pink chevron bib with pocket.