Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Rock ‘n Glide Soother

Functional Analysis:

  • Toy Bar
  • Requires individuals to pinch small push buttons on each side to remove.
  • Seat Cover
  • Infant seat cushion and rocker seat cover are removable and machine washable.
  • Seat cushion must be pulled over the vibration battery and seat handles and could be difficult to manipulate.
  • Learn more about all the product features in this parent video (4:36):
  • Seat Harness
  • 3 point harness belt could be difficult to manipulate.
  • Power Button
  • Easy to reach with your foot or with adaptive device from seated position to power device on/off.
  • Wall plug in and battery operated.
  • Controls
  • Includes power button, music, nature/white noise, and volume.
  • Saves the previous setting from the last use.
  • Located at the base of the rocker which can be difficult to reach and manipulate the controls from a seated or standing position.
  • Consider using an adaptive tool i.e. reacher, or other long handled device to assist in pressing the controls.
  • Controls are small and could be difficult to see.
  • Vibration Control on Seat
  • Can provide tactile stimulation to soothe baby.
  • Push button could be difficult to manipulate.
  • Battery operated.
  • Recline
  • 2 recline positions.
  • Controlled with push button located at the base of the rocker and could be difficult to reach and manipulate.
  • Automatic Glider
  • Can convert into manual rocker and can give an individual different options to soothe baby.
  • Glides forward/back, with option to rotate the seat for side to side gliding.
  • Red and green LED lights provide visual cues to make it easier to see what settings are in use and adjust to desired setting.
  • Manual Rocker
  • To remove the rocker from the base, one must pull on the looped seat handles.
  • Once on the floor it can still recline, rock side to side, or forward and back.
  • Seat rotates 360 degrees on and off the base.
  • Loop style handles make it easy to transport while walking or pushing a wheelchair.
  • To place seat back into the base, it must be pushed to click in place.
  • Individual will have to manually rock the child.
  • Other Considerations
  • Instructional chart with large pictures makes it easier to see how to assemble the product.
  • Hold up to 5.5-20 pounds.
  • The process of transferring the child to and from the swing could be difficult to perform with decreased strength, trunk control, and/or hand function.

Worth Noting:

Multi-feature swing including glider and rocker with recline options. Easy to use power button. Includes clear instructional manual with visuals.

Gray and white rocker, glider, and swing with toys and controls for white noise, vibration, and music.