Graco Contempo Highchair

Functional Analysis:

  • Material
  • Seat cushion is removable and machine washable.
  • Comes with second cushion.
  • Buckle/Chest Harness
  • Adjusting the buckles and harness could be difficult to manipulate.
  • Buckles are not removable.
  • Tray
  • Top tray is dishwasher safe.
  • Snack tray (bottom tray) with crotch post, does not come off high chair and could keep child from slipping out of the chair before being buckled in place.
  • Snack tray (bottom tray) is not removable. Individual will have to pick up child to put them in and take them out of the high chair.
  • Height
  • Six height settings provide flexibility for individuals (seated or standing) to choose a comfortable and functional height for feeding their child and getting them in and out of the chair. This is beneficial for individuals who may have limited fine motor control, trunk control, core strength, and/or difficulty bending or reaching.
  • Beneficial to utilize as child develops and transitions to sit at the kitchen table.
  • Recline
  • Three recline positions can provide alternative options for individuals to feed child. This feature can be beneficial for an individual with decreased hand function and trunk control if holding the child is challenging during bottle feeding.
  • Size
  • This chair comes pre-assembled.
  • Slim fitted for storage.

Worth Noting:

Snack tray stays attached to chair keeping baby secure while caregiver multi-tasks before/after mealtime.

Dark and light gray high chair with a star pattern. Two trays with only top one removable.