Hip Baby Wrap

Functional Analysis:

  • Fabric
  • Lightweight and breathable.
  • Excess fabric could be difficult to manipulate wrap; however, it could provide enough material to wrap around an individual in a wheelchair in order to feel secure holding child.
  • The material of the fabric can influence the comfort of the baby and the person holding them.
  • Stripes on the Wrap
  • Provide a visual guideline to mark the spot that is comfortable and functional for wear.
  • One Shoulder Strap
  • Makes it easy to hold baby standing or seated.
  • Pre-set straps help save time so reduce adjusting and readjusting.
  • Easy to breastfeed in the sling.
  • Could eventually put strain on the shoulder.
  • Metal Ring
  • Looping the fabric through the ring allows users to make a shoulder strap.
  • Easy to adjust for child to face forward, backward, and sit on the hip.
  • Storage/Portability
  • Lightweight fabric makes it easy to fit and carry in diaper bag.
  • Other Considerations
  • Holds babies 8 to 35lbs.
  • Machine washable and machine dry.
  • Moving the child to and from sling could be difficult to do independently based on abilities.

Worth Noting:

One shoulder strap design with metal ring allowing adjustability for a variety of body types.

Multi-colored striped over the shoulder sling with metal loop.