Infantino Sash Wrap and Tie Baby Carrier

Functional Analysis:

  • Structured Carrier: Top of Carrier
  • Crisscross straps provide extra support through the shoulders and back.
  • Amazon link includes instructional video of how to assemble the straps.
  • Wrap: Bottom Part of Carrier
  • Flexible to fit variety of body types.
  • Provides additional back support.
  • Easier to manipulate compared to other carriers with buckles.
  • Some may need assistance to tie the wrap.
  • Convertibility
  • Versatile to carry infant, frontward facing, on the hip, and backward.
  • Safety
  • Baby in safe ergonomic seated position.
  • Other Considerations
  • Moving the child to and from sling could be difficult to do independently based on abilities.

Worth Noting:

Criss cross straps for back support plus fabric that ties and wraps around hips to fit a variety of body types.

Gray carrier with gray, green, and white chevron pattern. Cross straps and tie to secure carrier.