Kiinde Kozii Bottle Warmer

Functional Analysis:

  • Display
  • There is not a lighted display. This that could make things difficult to see at night.
  • Knob
  • The only control an individual would have to manipulate in order to use the machine.
  • Could be difficult for an individual to manipulate with limited fine motor control; however, it is doable with problem solving.
  • Numbers could be difficult to see.
  • Reservoir
  • Time saver and does not require an individual the extra step of measuring and adding water with each use.
  • Heating
  • No thermometer to show the correct temperature requiring reliance on the timer feature. This may be difficult for an individual who has a hard time discriminating between temperatures or has loss of sensation.
  • May take a longer time to heat bottle; however, it conserves the nutrients in the breastmilk.
  • Auto Shut Off
  • Will turn off the machine when the time is up. Can prevent bottle overheating and reduce the need to worry about keeping an eye on the time.
  • Other Considerations
  • This machine is universal it can heat all types of bottles.
  • Grabbing and transporting the bottle in and out of the machine could be difficult for individuals with limited hand function.
  • Parent reviews state have to be diligent and follow the exact directions to properly clean machine.

Worth Noting:

Accommodates a variety of bottle types and has a water reservoir that eliminates the step of measuring water each time you heat a bottle.

White bottle warmer with dial numbered one through ten.