MilkChecker Automatic Milk Temperature Monitor

Functional Analysis:

  • Display
  • Color code and beep features will display the accuracy of the milk temperature: Red light (too hot, will have 3 beeps), yellow light (milk formula can be added, with 2 beeps), and green light (ready to drink with 1 beep).
  • Color code is a visual cue, beeps provide an auditory cue, and the temperature display is helpful for those who struggle with discriminating hot/cold.
  • View video for full explanation on the product.
  • The Platform
  • Flat and simple which can benefit an individual with limited hand function to transport the bottle easily on and off the device.
  • Individuals do not need to manipulate any buttons to operate the device. This could be beneficial for anyone in saving time and to efficiently check milk temperatures.
  • Portability
  • This device is small, portable and easy to transport.
  • Other Considerations
  • Holds all types of bottles.
  • Does have specific settings if the milk is at room temperature or retrieved from refrigerator.
  • Battery operated, and is fully automatic.
  • Task of changing batteries could be cumbersome for an individual with decreased hand function.
  • Does not specify of how to clean device.

Worth Noting:

Unique way to check the temperature of the bottle contents prior to feeding child. Illuminated with colored display providing visual cues making it easy to read.

Platform with digital temperature indicator (color and beeps) for gaging appropriate times for adding formula and drinking milk.