Munchkin Latch BPA-Free Baby Bottle

Functional Analysis:

  • Bottle Cap
  • Cap covering the nipple could be difficult to remove.
  • Nipple
  • Mimics mother’s nipple.
  • Accordion style silicone nipple closely mirrors how a baby would latch onto a breast, allowing greater control of milk flow.
  • Collar
  • Lack of raised texture or ridges on collar may be hard to screw/unscrew.
  • Shape/Size
  • The hourglass shape can provide the appropriate angle for the individual with decreased hand function to hold the bottle during feeding.
  • Ventilating System
  • Anti-colic valve located in the bottom of the bottle may be difficult to remove for thorough cleaning.
  • Risk of leakage could occur at the bottom of the bottle from incorrectly reassembling the anti-colic valve tab.

Worth Noting:

Unique accordion style nipple. Anti-colic valve in the bottom of the bottle. Hourglass shape offers alternative options for holding bottle.

Clear bottle with orange logo. Anti-colic valve in bottom of bottle.