Munchkin Time Saver Bottle Warmer

Functional Analysis:

  • Lift Basket
  • Large handle could benefit individuals with decreased hand function by helping get bottles in and out of the warmer
  • Can hold any sized bottle.
  • Knob
  • May be cumbersome for an individual who has limited hand function to manipulate, plus numbers may be difficult to see for adjusting temperatures.
  • Timer/Automatic Shut Off
  • Timer feature with an audible cue alerts individuals when the milk is ready.
  • No automatic shut off feature. Even when the timer runs out, the machine stays on, possibly overheating the bottle.
  • Heating
  • Heats bottle and baby food.
  • Multiple parent reviews have consistently stated this warmer heats faster (within 3 minutes) compared to other bottle warmers. Beneficial for individuals who need the bottle heated quickly.
  • Reservoir
  • uilt in which reduces the need to measure water to fill which can save time and energy.
  • Other Considerations
  • Steam feature can preserve nutrients in the breast milk.
  • Different crevices and multiple parts it can make it difficult to clean.

Worth Noting:

Lift basket is versatile for heating bottles and baby food.

White and gray bottle warmer with dial and numbers. Basket to manipulate bottle in/out of warmer.