Nuby 2-Pack Two-Handle No-Spill Super Spout Grip N’ Sip Cups

Functional Analysis:

  • Nipple
  • Silicone and removable.
  • Soft and soothing for children teething.
  • Consumers complain that the silicone nipple could expand. Some also see increased leakage with milk and not with water.
  • Handles
  • Curved provides another option for holding the cup so individuals with limited grasp and fine motor control have the ability to manipulate, hold, and transport the cup.
  • If they seem slick or too thin to grasp, individuals could adjust/adapt them.
  • Shape
  • The hourglass shape of the bottle can give an individual with limited grasp strength and fine motor control an alternative way to pick up and transport the cup safely. Individuals can experiment with different ways of carrying the cup if this is an issue.
  • The grooves on the both sides of the cup provide a raised surface as tactile cues for someone who may have a reduced sense of touch.
  • Color Contrast
  • Between the nipple, handles, and base of cup could provide visual cues for individuals to easily identify each piece for cleaning, assembling, and disassembling the cup.
  • Other Considerations
  • Good transition cup from bottle feeding to sippy cups.

Worth Noting:

Easy transition cup from bottle to sippy cup. Handles create color contrast and helpful for child and adult to manipulate.

Two colorful sippy cups. Tops have handles on them.