NUK Juicy Puller Silicone Pacifier

Functional Analysis:

  • Nipple
  • Asymmetrical shape and made out of silicone.
  • Not symmetrical therefore could make it difficult to insert in child’s mouth correctly.
  • Water can get trapped inside the nipple after cleaning, which is a potential safety issue as mold could develop.
  • Loop
  • Could benefit an individual with decreased hand function to manipulate and move this pacifier with ease.
  • Pacifier Shield
  • Small holes in the pacifier shield could affect circulation of airflow for baby to breathe.

Worth Noting:

Most cost effective pacifier on the market. Has small ventilation holes in the shield as well as a loop to easily manipulate the pacifier.

Two pacifiers (yellow with white loop, white with green loop) with two holes in the pacifier shield.