Peg Perego Siesta Highchair

Functional Analysis:

  • Material
  • Cushion wipe clean.
  • Cushion removable but could be difficult to take off.
  • Tray
  • Removable and has a release latch requiring one to pull a lever with their fingers.
  • Height
  • Nine height adjustment provides flexibility for individuals (seated or standing) to choose a comfortable and functional height for feeding their child and getting them in and out of the chair. This is beneficial for individuals who may have limited fine motor control, trunk control, core strength, and/or difficulty bending or reaching.
  • Beneficial to utilize as child develops and transitions to sit at the kitchen table.
  • Recline
  • Five recline positions: can provide alternative option for individuals with limited hand function to feed child: i.e. can put infant in most recline position to bottle feeding.
  • Buttons
  • Required to push to adjust for the height, recline position, and folding the chair (also requiring trunk control).
  • Foot Rest
  • Adjustable as child develops.
  • Wheels
  • Caster wheels have automatic locking feature that is different compared to other chairs which would need to be locked manually.
  • Allows an individual to move the high chair from place to place.
  • Four wheels could be positive or negative depending on individual preferences; however, an individual who has difficulty with balance, and trunk instability may find that the wheels make the chair less stable.
  • Other Considerations
  • One of the most expensive high chairs.

Worth Noting:

Converts for multiple ages and provides a wide variety of features such as recline, adjustability in height, wheels, and can fold compactly for storage.

High chair with orange cover. Tray removable and has four wheels.