Philips AVENT Natural

Functional Analysis:

  • Nipple
  • Wide mouth and small number of parts.
  • Collar
  • Smooth collar without ridges could create difficulty when screwing and unscrewing collar.
  • Some reviews indicate potential leakage due to not enough threads on the collar of the bottle.
  • Milk can get caught on the lip of the bottle which requires individuals to stop and tilt the bottle to prevent any waste.
  • Shape/Size
  • Bottle provides support for a parent who may have weakened grasp.
  • This bottle can transfer to sippy cups by attaching handles.
  • Other Considerations
  • Less parts makes assembly and disassembly more convenient.
  • High quality and low maintenance.

Worth Noting:

Hourglass shape can be easy to hold. This bottle has a small number of parts making it easy to assemble.

Three small clear bottles with white collar.