Specialized Crib with Changing Table

Functional Analysis:

  • Height
  • Raised with an open space underneath crib and changing table allowing sufficient room for an individual in a wheelchair to get as close as desired to care for child.
  • Changing table connects to the crib making it easy for individuals to transfer baby to and from different surfaces with ease.
  • Height benefits any individual who may have experience back pain or weaker core.
  • Clasp
  • On the outside so child cannot reach to unlatch.
  • Someone with limited dexterity may need to problem solve most efficient way to manipulate.
  • Other Considerations
  • This crib was customized and therefore no specific instructions of how to build it or if it can convert into a toddler bed.
  • May not be able to move mattress down as child ages.

Worth Noting:

Customized crib and changing table is raised to help reduce back pain. Also helpful for individuals that use a wheelchair to easily roll under the furniture to perform parenting tasks.

Raised crib with changing table attached to the side with storage.