Summer Infant Comfort Height Bath Tub

Functional Analysis:

  • Multifunctional Features
  • This tub has multiple pieces that can separate: 1) infant tub (green), toddler tub (white), platform bench/step stool/kneeler (blue).
  • When all three pieces are assembled together, the platform bench (blue) can be used to provide additional height for an individual to reach and transfer child to and from the bath.
  • Locking Tab
  • Pieces snap together with downward pressure and could be difficult to manipulate.
  • The Infant Tub (Green)
  • Can detach and be placed onto a sink by itself, in a regular tub, or kept as assembled.
  • Crotch post keeps baby secure in tub.
  • Crotch post could be used as anchor/leverage for an individual to grab onto in order to transport tub to and from one surface to the next.
  • The Toddler Tub (White)
  • Has a thick/rounded edge with a lip that can provide alternative grasp options to transport the tub to different locations.
  • Thick tub edge provides enough room to apply an adaptive tool if desired.
  • The Platform Bench (Blue)
  • Can transform into step stool that can be used by a child to complete hygiene routines at the sink.
  • Can also be used by individuals who prefer to kneel on something at the tub when bathing the child.
  • Safety
  • Styrofoam padding in the infant tub can prevent the child from sliding down.
  • Infant tub keeps the baby in a safe ergonomic position with postural support.
  • Size
  • Size of the tub could be cumbersome to store and clean.

Worth Noting:

Multi-functional tub converts to bathe infant and toddler. Step stool also clips onto the tub raising the height to a more ergonomic position.

Three part tub with green infant seat, white toddler seat, and bottom blue portion can be used as a step stool. All clipped together for raised tub.