Summer Infant Splish ‘n Splash Newborn to Toddler Tub

Functional Analysis:

  • Large Open Handle
  • Could provide an alternative grasp for an individual with limited hand function for moving and carrying.
  • Convertibility
  • Can transition from infant to toddler tub.
  • Grooves on Bottom of the Tub
  • Secures product onto the sink safely.
  • Placing the tub onto sink could make it easier for an individual to reach the child from a seated or standing position.
  • Infant Sling Insert
  • Removable and can provide additional support to secure baby in tub.
  • Could be difficult for an individual with decreased hand function to pull, and secure around the edges of the tub.
  • Size/Weight
  • ould be difficult or heavy for some individuals carry and transport.
  • Drain Tap
  • Located in the bottom of tub and creates an easy option for removing water once bathing tasks are complete.

Worth Noting:

Large handle makes it easy to hold and transport. Infant insert allows tub to fit a variety of sizes.

Teal base with large handle. Fabric sling with elastic sides allows tub to transfer from infant to toddler.