The Beebo – Free Hand Baby Bottle Holder

Functional Analysis:

  • Strap and Rotating Bottle Holder:
  • Frees up the individual’s hands and allows them to multitask and perform other tasks (feed themselves or play with other children) while feeding baby.
  • Helpful for someone that has limited grasp and finger dexterity.
  • Holds any size bottles to 0 – 9+ months.
  • Reduces back pain and wrist strain as individuals will not need to hold bottle for long periods of time.
  • Provides extra opportunity for individuals cradle their child and focus on bonding when their hands are free from feeding.
  • Turning the bottle holder may require two hands. Individuals are encouraged to problem solve ways to make this work well for them.
  • Button to Remove Bottle
  • Requires an individual to push a button to pop the bottle off the holder.
  • Material
  • Silicone material is easy to wash.
  • Other Features
  • Some individuals state difficulty keeping the product balanced on their shoulder and obtaining an appropriate angle for feeding the baby if the mother has a larger chest.

Worth Noting:

Hands free bottle holder that rests over one shoulder. Bottle can rotate to adjust for comfort and positioning.

Gray silicone strap (fairly wide) that can fit over shoulder with circular holder for bottle on one end.