The Nesting Pillow

Functional Analysis:

  • Material
  • Washable and removable slipcover.
  • Flexible to move for different feeding positions (i.e. cradle, cross, and football).
  • Stuffing is made out of organic buckwheat hulls compared to other pillows made out of plastic/foam materials. Could be a safety risk if pillow rips open.
  • Shape/Width
  • Provides the appropriate height to elevate infant’s head for feeding.
  • Flexible to adjust for comfort, function, and fit for variety of types of torsos.
  • Bulky and slightly heavier compared to other nursing pillows therefore it could be difficult to manipulate and move.
  • Other Considerations
  • For individuals with limited trunk control or hand function: stuff the two pillow ends under chair or wheelchair armrests for further support to hold the baby.
  • More expensive compared to other pillows.

Worth Noting:

Easy to adjust and flexible for different feeding positions and body types.

Thick half moon shaped pillow with black swirly pattern on the sides and a tan top.