Wallaboo Infant Baby Carrier Cross

Functional Analysis:

  • Velcro Harness
  • 1st product to use this feature making it easy to manipulate.
  • re-set straps help save time to adjust and readjust.
  • Instructional Label
  • Sewn in as a visual cue for assembly.
  • Safety
  • Supports the anatomically correct natural sitting position for baby.
  • Convertibility
  • Only has 1 position to carry, but baby can sit facing in and out.
  • Other Considerations
  • Machine washable.
  • Newborn (8lbs to 33lbs).
  • Not versatile to use as baby grows.
  • Moving the child to and from sling could be difficult to do independently based on abilities.

Worth Noting:

Newborn/infant carrier with criss-cross back support that is completely assembled with velcro.

Female holding baby in gray carrier with velcro closures that cross on the back for increased support.