Product Analysis

Our Process:

Through a comprehensive product analysis we identified design features that will assist individuals in daily tasks of various occupations, or that may need to be considered based on level of ability. The characteristics considered for product selection were based off major performance skills such as hand function, fine motor control, grasp/grip strength, trunk control/balance, manipulation, and coordination. We also included principles of universal design (UD) such as use of space, shape of the product, flexibility of use, and general characteristics that individuals consider such as safety, cost, aesthetics, and  how easy a product is to clean, etc.

Established Rating System:

After analyzing products, we identified features to discuss that were functional, and then features that could be difficult to use based on a variety of abilities.

: Represents features we like (such as large loop handles, velcro, magnets, smart phone applications)

: Represents features to consider (such as height, size/weight, fasteners, child development)

Our research revealed that most products on the mass market were not completely UD, but some aspects are functional to use. When the product design was lacking/limited, we included adaptive and specialized equipment to support individuals in the performance of daily tasks and routines.

This analysis is based on our research and recommendations; however, we encourage you to go visit stores and try these products yourself since you are the best expert on your body and abilities.