The key to selecting a bib is considering how they are fastened (such as snaps, velcro, buttons, tie, etc.). Typically, velcro options will be easier to manipulate for individuals with decreased hand function and strength. Additionally, there are a variety of designs to consider (such as pockets, bowls, size for coverage, material, etc.) in order to minimize mess during mealtime.

Baby Bib-Bibimals

Fun designs with an angled bowl, which can catch spilled food. One must manipulate a button to secure the bib.


Large bowl can easily catch food and the bib is a thicker material compared to other brands. One must manipulate a snap to secure the bib.

Lovable Bibs

Bib has a velcro closure making it easy to manipulate. Cotton material is easy to machine wash.

We suggest that you consider your own needs and abilities to determine what’s best for you. Hopefully some of theses suggestions are examples from which you can build upon. Contact us if you have found other examples that work well for you.

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