Bottle Warmers

In our research, consumers report many bottle warmers were inconsistent in heating milk and food. Individuals need to evaluate the overall pros and cons to bottle warmers as the products on the market do not encompass all features that would make it usable by a variety of individuals (such as a timer, auto shut off, warming/cooling storage, lighted displays, water reservoirs, etc). Products included in this page were considered to make the task of heating milk easier for those who have difficulty with vision, hearing, and manipulating items.

Dr. Brown’s Bottle Warmer

Has a lift basket, water reservoir, timer, and auto shut-off feature. If using Dr. Brown’s bottles it’s recommended to remove venting system when heating.

Gland Baby Bottle Warmer

Unique sterilization feature for cleaning bottles. Display illuminates making it easier to see. Product description states there is a voice activation feature; yet, instructions do not indicate how to set this up.


We suggest that you consider your own needs and abilities to determine what’s best for you. Hopefully some of theses suggestions are examples from which you can build upon. Contact us if you have found other examples that work well for you.

Curious about our process and how we analyzed each product? Learn more here.