When selecting bottles, it is wise to consider the amount of steps required to assemble/disassemble the parts of the bottle as well as the process of preparing the milk. Many bottles have an increased amount of parts to manipulate in order to decrease the risk of colic and gas in the baby. Individuals with decreased hand function may want to practice manipulating a variety of brands to determine which design is easiest to use. However, this decision should not be solely based on the parent’s abilities, but child’s bottle preference may also need to be taken into consideration.

Dr. Brown’s Original Bottle

One of the most popular brands on the market for anti-colic bottles, even with multiple parts to assemble. Ridges on the collar assist in providing traction for opening/closing collar on the bottle.


Ba Baby Bottle Holder

Versatile to hold a variety of bottle sizes to provide child and adult with an alternate way to manipulate and grasp bottle.

We suggest that you consider your own needs and abilities to determine what’s best for you. Hopefully some of theses suggestions are examples from which you can build upon. Contact us if you have found other examples that work well for you.

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