Jogging Strollers

This stroller type tends to be very sturdy and durable. It travels well over rough terrain and the larger wheels make it easier to push. It could be heavier and more bulky to fold and store; yet, can hold more weight than other stroller types. It tends to come with options for storage, a canopy for protection, and has wider wheel base giving the individual extra space for their feet when pushing.

Note: In our research we found that it may be difficult for some individuals with a disability to use strollers easily. Features that require fine motor strength/control (i.e., buckles, levers, handles, push buttons) and tasks that use trunk control/balance (i.e., pushing stroller, moving baby in/out) are not conducive to traditional stroller design. There is a need for more strollers in the mass market to be user friendly for a variety of people.

Consumer reports lists a variety of considerations for purchasing a stroller; however, we suggest that you consider your own needs and abilities to determine what’s best for you. Hopefully some of theses suggestions are examples from which you can build upon. Contact us if you have found another example that works well for you.

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