We find that traditional cribs can be difficult for some individuals to use due to features such as height, clasps and closures. Below you will see specialized cribs on the market as well as ways to modify traditional cribs to make the tasks of reaching, lifting, and moving a baby easier.



Specialized design that can be controlled by a wireless remote to adjust height and to open/close sliding doors. Option for insurance coverage.

Gertie Cribs

Elevated crib can help reduce strain on lower back. Crib is raised with an open space allowing sufficient room for an individual in a wheelchair to roll under the crib to easily reach the child.

Gro 5-in-1 Multifunctional Crib

This product is a multi-functional piece of furniture that converts from a crib, to a toddler bed, daybed, desk, and a playtable. Does not require any latches clips or locks. All pieces slide in for an easy fit.

DIY & Customized

Specialized Crib with Changing Table

Customized crib and changing table is raised to help reduce back pain. Also helpful for individuals that use a wheelchair to easily roll under the furniture to perform parenting tasks.



Helpful for those who have decreased hand function and balance when when holding the baby. This is a blanket with integrated handles and head support easily moves baby from one location to another.

Consumer reports lists a variety of considerations for purchasing a crib; however, we suggest that you consider your own needs and abilities to determine what’s best for you. Hopefully some of theses suggestions are examples from which you can build upon. Contact us if you have found another example that works well for you.

Curious about our process and how we analyzed each product? Learn more here.