Join a Design Project.
Help us design better options for people to live.

Explore what's possible through interdisciplinary collaboration to best accommodate the diversity of functional needs in our society.

The goal is to design a complete home.

But not just any home. A universally accessible and affordable home. It should be usable by as many people as possible, without being specialized for any single demographic.

Basic idea:

  • The home can be any style for any location in the USA.
  • The home must be affordable and universally accessible.
    1. Affordable: 25-30% of monthly income for households making 30% less than the median income (or lower) for the target location.
    2. Universally accessible: see Ron Mace’s definition of universal design.
  • The deliverable should be a complete set of construction documents.
  • The plans should have potential to pass a permit review.
Construction Documents
Hands together indicating collaboration and teamwork.

Design teams are interdisciplinary.

Universal design is usable by all people, to the greatest extent possible. We believe collaboration between people with different skill sets and perspectives is the best way to find the limits of what’s possible.

Who’s involved:

  1. A core team* comprised of professionals or students from design fields and health fields.
  2. A project manager from The Universal Design Project.
  3. Design Advisors from The Universal Design Project.

*The core team should be as small as possible and members must be on the same playing field. This means all students at the same academic level, all professionals working as volunteers, or all professionals working for pay.

Where we work:

We work remotely. Quality work can happen without everyone being under the same roof and on the same schedule. That said, you must be comfortable with technology and written communication, have reliable internet access, and participate regularly via Basecamp.

When projects happen:

A design project can start whenever a full team is assembled and ready to go. Each should take no longer than a single academic semester, or 3-4 months. Most communication will be asynchronous, though regular face-to-face meetings via Hangouts Meet should be expected.

Apply here:

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This application is for design professionals/students and health professionals/students to express interest in joining a small core team for a design project. If you have life experience with disability, please click here to learn about our Design Advisor program.

Submitting this application does not guarantee participation in a design project, nor is it a commitment of any sort. You’ll receive a follow-up email in which we’ll continue the conversation and discuss details.