Design Services

Ensure that your housing project is truly universally accessible.

Housing is a social determinant of health.
We integrate healthcare with home design.

The housing industry rarely works with the healthcare industry. This has resulted in a widespread shortage of inaccessible homes, not meeting our communities’ needs, and negatively impacting people’s health, wellness, and economic mobility.

Our work is based on the field of occupational therapy. Our goal is to optimize the “fit” between a person, their environment, and their occupations (i.e., everyday activities). Universal design moves the perspective from an individual level to a population level.

Let’s work together.

Our vision is for every community across the United States to have a surplus of universally accessible homes. Join us and make it happen!

*In-person design collaboration is only available in areas where we have a relationship with an occupational therapist who meets our criteria for this service. If you’re an OT interested in working with us, please get in touch.