014: When lights don’t work even when they’re on.

Collaboration between an occupational therapist and a lighting designer will result in exterior lighting that’s a good fit for everyone.

013: Good Bathroom Design is a Confidence Builder

Kati, an occupational therapy student, shares a story about how her client was able to look and feel her best for a special event because her bathroom was universally designed.


Smart Home Technology

There are several “smart” devices that improve the functionality and safety of a home. They’re great options for universal design.

012: Social distancing, isolation, and mental health

Our thoughts: Social distancing is now mandatory in the US due to COVID-19, but some people with disabilities experience social isolation every day.

011: Are “stramps” universally designed?

We discuss how the internet isn’t always accurate in the description of universal design, and what our Design Advisors thought of this ramp/stair design.

010: When you question if that backyard party is worth it or not

A backyard party at someone’s home turns from excitement to heartbreak when you have to question if you can attend the due to inaccessibility.

009: Benefits of a Well-Designed Garden

Sarah discusses how her friend increased the functionality of her garden by using raised garden beds and how an outdoor space improves mental health.


Renovations are costly…

Implementing accessibility at the start of a new design project will save you time and money.

008: Research about interprofessional design

We discuss 3 themes from a peer-reviewed article: form versus function, the earlier the better, and universal design as a specialist area.

007: Do no-step entrances matter?

Of course they do. We’re talking about universal design! Listen to Julie & Jackson’s story. You’ll learn about what they have to do just to visit family or friends.


Occupational Therapy and Our Role in Housing

This article unpacks three practice settings in which an an occupational therapist could collaborate with professionals in the home building industry.


The Blueprints of My Doctoral Project

Kati briefly explains the OT profession and introduces her doctoral capstone project.

006: Mail & Macular Degeneration

Kati recounts a story about a patient who broke a hip and had struggles with a common yet meaningful task.

005: Small garages don’t work well.

Sarah shares a story & some thoughts about the functionality of parking areas. It’s the little things that make a big difference for universal design!


Different has to be experienced.

We run The Universal Design Project on software called Basecamp. The company that created Basecamp is on the verge of releasing a new email system called Hey. What’s interesting about this is that they’re declaring email “broken” and are more or less redesigning the way people interact with email. Here’s a recent tweet from their […]


There’s a 60% Probability…

“In the United States of America, it has been estimated that there is a 60% probability that any new house will be occupied by a person with a functional impairment over its life span.” Smith SK, Rayer S, Smith EA. Aging and disability: implications for the housing industry and housing policy in the United States. […]


Prevalence of Accessible Housing in the U.S.

The United States has an accessible housing problem: there aren’t enough available options.

004: Invisible Disabilities & Universal Design

Sarah and Kati talk about various universal design features to increase function for those living with invisible disabilities.

Design Projects

Results from student-led design exercises

Check out some drawings, 3D renders, and a floor plan of a universally designed home.


Takeaways from a universal design exercise

The process of universal design needs to be collaborative, but collaboration is challenging.

003: Reflections on patients and their homes

Sarah talks with Kati about discharge scenarios and what home modifications looked like for their patients.

002: PEO Model & Collaboration

Design can create a “good fit,” or a “poor fit.” One of the models we use is the Person-Environment-Occupation (PEO) model of Occupational Performance.

001: Mission & Vision

Welcome to the first episode of the Good Fit Poor Fit podcast! Learn more about The Universal Design Project and what got us to where we are today.