Be a Design Advisor


People who understand disability need to be involved in the universal design process.

As a Design Advisor, you’ll have an important role: you’ll verify that any design work we create is functional for you or people you care for. If it’s not, that signals us to change something or go back to the drawing board.


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Who can be a Design Advisor?

  1. Someone who has a disability (definition).
  2. Someone who lives with someone who has a disability.
  3. Health professionals who work with people with disabilities.

We’re only looking for these three types of people because of the role our Design Advisors have in our design process:

What do Design Advisors do?

Our Design Advisors participate in our universal design process by giving feedback about projects in development. This primarily happens over email. We’ll periodically send you something to review. Each time, we’ll ask:

“Would this work for you?”

It’s typically as simple as replying “Yes” or “No” or “Maybe” with a brief explanation if needed.

If everyone in the group answers “Yes” then our design team can confidently move forward. “No” or “Maybe” will prompt further development.

How much time is required?

Not much. We’ve made participation easy for you; most opportunities for feedback will be as simple as replying to an email. If we have deadlines to meet, we’ll let you know.

Is compensation available?

This is a volunteer opportunity. No monetary compensation is currently available. There may be other perks though.