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It's about collaboration.

You can easily be involved from anywhere. We use Workplace by Facebook.

What you can participate in:

Design Challenges

Design homes & programs that can make communities more welcoming.

Design Research

Improve outcomes of design efforts by sharing your perspective.

Empathy Building

Understand others through presentations and by connecting in groups.

Hey People Who Understand Disability!

Would you like to influence the way we design homes and programs by sharing what you know about what makes design functional? We’d like to invite you to apply to be a design advisor. Universal design is about making sure design is useful for anyone, but the tricky part is understanding all the different ways that people perform everyday tasks. Your input will be really helpful!

Hey Occupational Therapists!

Would you like to use your skills to further our mission of helping make communities more welcoming to people affected by disability? We’d like to invite you to apply to use your understanding about health and body mechanics to help with our design research.

Hey Design Professionals!

Would you like to use your skills to help us design a new home or program? Add your contact information to this form and we’ll be in touch.

Designer Interest

How we collaborate:

We collaborate online, in our company Workplace account, which is a private instance of Facebook. There is no connection between Workplace accounts and personal Facebook accounts. Here’s an overview:

Flexible time commitment:

Participate as often or as little as you’d like, whenever it’s convenient for you. Most of our communication is asynchronous, meaning that we don’t require anything at a particular time. However, we reserve the right to deactivate your account if you stop participating.

How we use your contributions:

Your contributions may be used in any of the content we produce in any of our three core activities (Design, Share, Support), in addition to other activities that benefit the mission of the organization. Don’t worry, we’ll honor privacy requests if you don’t want something to be public. 🙂


We understand that many professionals need compensation for their time. Paid opportunities will be announced if funding is available. Otherwise, our design challenges are all-volunteer. The design advisor role is volunteer-only.

Volunteer Application


This is the first step to get involved. It's not a commitment. Questions? Get in touch!

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