Carrie Jacobsen's story helps us understand who to include in "design that's usable by all people."

And not just in Harrisonburg, VA, but anywhere.

Carrie injured her back in 2008 and dealt with occasional flare ups. Unfortunately in 2016, she ruptured a disk between L4/5 and she had to deal with intense pain and decreased mobility for a few months until surgery provided instant relief.

Carrie is well aware she is at risk for additional injury in the future and thinks through many of the tasks she has to perform at home, or for fun, to make sure it’s as ergonomic and easy on her as possible to keep her back healthy.

Location: Harrisonburg, VA, United States

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Notable quotes from the interview:

Because you don’t understand necessarily the level of pain I always felt like people thought I was just wimping out. Like I wouldn’t go to home group or I wouldn’t do this or wouldn’t do that because I just I was in too much pain and I don’t, I don’t know that anybody actually felt that, but that’s kind of how I felt. It wasn’t that, I just couldn’t.

And even now it’s impacted a little bit. Honestly, probably mostly out of just fear.. and I mean caution, like not, not unfounded fear. Like my favorite summer activity is kayaking, but I’m really nervous and hesitant to do that because that twisting and pulling motion is really really bad for lower back injuries.

And we’re expecting our first child and so the idea of bending all the way down over a crib to lift a heavier infant. That hurts just thinking about it, because of where I would be bending is right where that, because that disk is degenerated and I do have arthritis there. So he, you know he’s talking about adapting that crib so that it opens from the front instead of me having to bend over.

So, there’s there’s always that, “Is this gonna re-rupture?” In the back to my brain what am I gonna do that’s gonna cause that, and trying to find a balance of living my life and doing active things that will build those muscles and build strength there without damaging them.