Max Quillen and Jo Chan's story helps us understand who to include in "design that's usable by all people."

And not just in Sherando, Virginia, but anywhere.

Max and Jo were in Virginia around Christmas time in 2012 when a car accident changed their lives. They were living in Singapore and came back to the states to get married when Jo sustained a C1/2 Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury in the accident. Even though life has changed drastically, they have learned so much about what makes homes and communities more welcoming.

They love to travel, Jo enjoys planning parities and events, and they both make an effort to visit friends and families in different cities. They share great information about how they made their home work well for them, and how using the community has it’s challenges.

Location: Sherando, Virginia, United States

Watch the interview:

Notable quotes from the interview:

So for social activities, for example I don’t really like when people do stand around and like, high top tables for example, I like when people sit down so I can see them and talk to them. Because, otherwise it’s kind of hard to be a part of a group. -Jo

Cruises are pretty accessible, that’s why we like them. Well we’ve only done one flight, but it worked well. That was Las Vegas. To LA we took a train from from here which was 50 was at 53 hours each way, 106 hours. But we got an accessible cabin which is, which included a bathroom. So that was, from that perspective that was perfect. -Max

We lived in Singapore and part of that Beijing, and you know Jo was able bodied and we lived in big cities. We were here for supposed to be two weeks, so we were kind of, we just never went back. Some of her relatives helped out with clearing out the apartment. So it’s like such a radical change. Our lives are so different pre and post and not just because of the, because of the accident, but all that’s all related, but it’s not just because of the physical and medical side, it’s also because of our our social [network of friends] social life, our work life, all of our, everything it’s been completely changed and uprooted by it.