Pat Randolph's story helps us understand who to include in "design that's usable by all people."

And not just in Harrisonburg, Virginia, but anywhere.

Pat was born with an intellectual disability and with the support of community services, has worked hard to live independently. She lives on her own, has had many jobs over the years (she currently works at Friendship Industries), and is very active in her community participating in things like Relay for Life and Special Olympics. She volunteers as a greeter at her church and serves with the kids at multiple events. She also loves to travel and can be found at many local sporting events cheering on her favorite teams. You will fall in love with Pat after hearing her story, and she shows you how when the right supports are in place, someone can live a full and independent life.

Location: Harrisonburg, Virginia, United States

Watch the interview:

Notable quotes from the interview:

[Talking about participating at Summit House the local Community Services Board] Yeah; I went to the beach, I went to the Big League [baseball game] but in Washington D.C. Oh man that was good.

Yeah, I’ve been at Friendship [Industries – her job] two years… no six years now. And, and I work hard and I’m trying to be associate that I can get more money. And I’ll get it, cuz I’ll… I’m fighting. I’m fighting and the Lord he’s going to help me.

I live independent, but I have VAIL Independent Living and they help me a lot. They take me to the grocery store and they take me to see my doctor or like cancer doctor. And we go on field trips sometimes. We go to the JMU games sometimes and we go to football too. And umm… we go to the girl’s game or go to baseball; everything. I’m doing good because VAIL helps me to be independent and I can go shopping by myself and I can buy the transit and do it by myself; cuz I like to do by myself, because I never did that.

Now I’m going to another church. They treat me like family. Every time I go to the church, I can’t wait to go. I love the singing and I’m not used to people treating me like that… Like good morning… I had to get used to that.

[Talking about friends at church] Yeah, I got a whole, I got, I got a whole bunch.

Oh, I’m a greeter [at church], for kindergarten, and I do the big people, and I go..I go way out and then meet them, the big people. And I smile, and then they love me, every time… -I [volunteer with] disabled kids, cuz I used
to be a disabled kid.

I’ve been doing Relay for Life, I dunno how many times and, well, l raise money for it because I got cancer–two times–but they like me, and well I raise money for all the people and we are supposed to have it in May. I’m team Pat. Yeah, and then I’m a coach. I’m everything. And, uh we stay all night. I don’t go to sleep. We stay up until 6:00 in the morning.