Susan R. Winter MSW's story helps us understand who to include in "design that's usable by all people."

And not just in Princeton, NJ, but anywhere.

I an not sure what has drawn me to work with people with Special Abilities but I always have. I currently run a martial arts school that has a specialty class for people with challenges. The organization I am a part of calls the division “Special Abilities.”

I have been in business 20 years and have long lost track of how many unique individuals have trained in my school. I have always approached life with the belief that ALL people should be treated equally and differences should be embraced not ignored. I also believe that no obstacle is permanent but rather needs to be problem solved.

I started my professional life as an Ivy League Masters prepared social worker (MSW – UPenn) and feel as though I do my best work now with my black belt on.

Location: Princeton, NJ, United States