What we’re working on

Note: the items below are new as of December 2019. They’re part of a long-term plan to catalyze change in the housing market in the USA.

Collaborative Design

We help architects design homes that are universally accessible.

Our team brings knowledge to universal design processes about people who struggle with (1) upper body movement, strength, and/or sensation, (2) lower body movement strength, and/or sensation, (3) balance, (4) vision, (5) hearing, (6) cognition and memory, (7) activity tolerances, (8) speech and/or communication, (9) chemical sensitivities, (10) sensory tolerance, (11) needs for caregiver assistance, and (12) extremes in height and weight.

Working together ensures that design plans are functional for all people, to the greatest extent possible.

Universal Design Library

Construction document sets for the homes designed through our collaborative projects will be available for use by homebuilders.

We’re working to make it as easy as possible for new universally accessible homes to be constructed in communities across the USA with a limitless variety of options to accommodate regional needs and a range of budgets (mostly toward mainstream affordability).

Projected launch: May 2020.

Future contexts: other things that increase community participation where design is not regulated by the ADA.

Demonstration Homes

People need opportunities for in-person experiences to see what a universally accessible home is like to recognize the benefits for everyone and not just “those other” old and disabled people.

Our demonstration home program will empower organizations and businesses in various communities to work together to create these experiential opportunities, open to the public.

Projected launch: May 2020

Implementation Support

While the intent of universal design is usability by all people, there are some situations that will require the use of adaptative equipment or assistive technology for optimal functionality.

Our implementation support program will be included with each set of design plans so homebuilders and their clients have access to resources needed for making well-informed decisions.

Projected launch: mid 2020