What we do

We work to help communities increase their supply of accessible homes.

Why? The current housing stock is poorly-suited to enable people who deal with any level of functional impairment to live to their fullest potential.

We Co-design.

We work alongside architects to co-design plans for homes that are universally accessible and can be built across the USA.

Our position, as health professionals, is that designing for universal accessibility is complex and must be a collaborative process due to the diversity of individuals with a wide range of functional impairments that need to be accommodated.

We Validate.

It’s a disservice to any community if a home is built and marketed as “universal design” when it’s not.

Our design process strategically involves a group of volunteer Design Advisors who have a wide range of first-hand experiences with different disabilities to validate that the work we create with architects is truly a good fit for anyone.

We Educate.

Universally accessible homes are beneficial for everyone, not just “those other” old and disabled people.

The best way for anyone to really understand this is through in-person experiences. We’re developing a demonstration home program to provide experiential opportunities in as many communities as we can across the USA.

We Connect.

We’re forming strategic partnerships to help people understand the benefits of universal design for their community, their household, and their own lives.

Our big goal is to be able to connect people across the country with local service providers who can help them get into the best home for their needs.

What we don’t do.

  • We don’t provide direct services to individuals.
  • We don’t do design work that can’t be replicated for use in multiple communities.
  • We don’t do design work that’s regulated by the ADA.
  • We don’t do specialized design work for specific populations.
  • We don’t help modify inaccessible environments.