How to get started with Workplace

Haven’t received an invitation? Click here to apply.

Looking for our Workplace URL? It’s

Once you receive your invitation:

  1. Click “Join Your Team.”
  2. Set your name and password.
  3. Create Account.
  4. Click “Go to Workplace.”
  5. On left, click “View Profile.”
    • Add a Profile Photo (please use a picture of yourself, not your cat).
    • Add a Cover Photo, if desired.
  6. Click on the “About” tab and add your location.
  7. Click on “Home” (on the top right).
  8. Look at the left menu to:
    • Quickly get to the “News Feed.”
    • Connect with someone via private messages in “Work Chat.”
    • See all the groups you’re a part of in “Groups.”
  9. Go to the “Who’s Who” group and introduce yourself!
  10. Post any technical questions in the “Helpdesk” group.