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Exploring the interaction between people, design, and activity. Good Fit Poor Fit is part of The Universal Design Project, a nonprofit organization with a vision for every community across the USA to have a surplus of homes and opportunities for social participation that are universally and financially accessible.


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065: Learned Creativity Good Fit Poor Fit

  1. 065: Learned Creativity
  2. 064: Forever Homes
  3. 063: Conversations about Flooring
  4. 062: Conversations about Bedrooms
  5. 061: UD and Me: Rachel Melvin
  6. 060: Conversations about Outside Pathways
  7. 059: UD and Me: Nicole Grinberg
  8. 058: UD and Me: Maria Lindbergh
  9. 057: Visitability
  10. 056: UD and Me: Viola Dwyer