Good Fit Poor Fit Podcast

Exploring the interaction between people, design, and activity. Good Fit Poor Fit is part of The Universal Design Project, a nonprofit organization with a vision for every community across the USA to have a surplus of homes and opportunities for social participation that are universally and financially accessible.


Episode Archive

043: UD and Me: Hannah Pugh Good Fit Poor Fit

  1. 043: UD and Me: Hannah Pugh
  2. 042: Cleaning
  3. 041: UD and Me: Bethany Hurd
  4. 040: Dishwashers
  5. 039: Weather the Weather – Climate Considerations
  6. 038: UD and Me: Meaghan Walls
  7. 037: UD and Me: Tiffany Dill
  8. 036: Microwave Locations & More!
  9. 035: UD and Me: Scott Pruett
  10. 034: Introducing: “UD and Me”