Good Fit Poor Fit Podcast

Exploring the interaction between people, design, and activity. Good Fit Poor Fit is part of The Universal Design Project, a nonprofit organization with a vision for every community across the USA to have a surplus of homes and opportunities for social participation that are universally and financially accessible.


Episode Archive

033: Brooke Thabit, Interior Designer Good Fit Poor Fit

  1. 033: Brooke Thabit, Interior Designer
  2. 032: Grab Bars
  3. 031: Designing for the Senses
  4. 030: Interview with Danise Levine, Universal Design Champion
  5. 029: Welcome Home! Entrances and Entryways
  6. 028: Alerts and Alarms
  7. 027: Happy 30th Anniversary to the ADA!
  8. 026: Designing for Dementia
  9. 025: What makes a bedroom comfortable and functional?
  10. 024: COVID-19 is changing the way we interact & use our homes.