Let’s change the status quo of home design.

Our philosophy: Homes that are universally-designed work for everyone.

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Our business directory helps homeowners find professionals to assist with universal design projects, and we empower service providers with tools that make the universal design process easier.

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Business Directory

We're on a mission to build a super useful online directory of service providers involved with universal design for residential homes.

This site fields inquiries from people all over the country looking for help, and we want to provide quality referrals.

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Universal Design Checklists

Our checklists detail over 130 universal design features for residential homes. Print our worksheets (PDF format) for easy offline use.

Members get access to unbranded worksheets, which exclude references to this website.

Home Assessments

Our home assessments measure universal design & safety by analyzing the presence of universal design features. Score a design & get feedback about what can improve it.

Include photos, client info, and notes. Reports are private, secure, and easily managed in the member dashboard.

Test drive our free version at SafeScore.org.

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Discussion Forum

The discussion forum is a place for problem-solving ways of making universal design more common (especially in new homes), as well as networking with like-minded folks.

Access is free for everyone, but members get access to a private area, only for professionals.


The helpdesk is our way of providing one-on-one support and feedback about your universal design projects. We want you to successfully design environments that are functional for everyone.

Read more about our Helpdesk below.

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This is such a great resource, very user-friendly, and your checklists are terrific - not too much information to be overwhelming, just enough (and the right stuff) to be useful!

Deb Pierce, AIA

Who's behind this?

We’re Scott & Sarah Pruett. We’re an everyday married couple in our thirties and live in Harrisonburg, Virginia.

Sarah is an registered & licensed occupational therapist and a certified aging-in-place specialist. Scott is a certified therapeutic recreation specialist and has used a wheelchair since 1999 due to three spinal cord injuries.

We empathize with people who have complex health conditions, as we know firsthand how life can be affected, often far more than meets the eye.

Scott & Sarah Pruett


What is universal design?

Universal design (UD) is a process of making things (anything!) accessible & easy to use for everyone. UD is a natural integration of functional characteristics into the design of homes. UD has been around for decades, but isn't widely utilized... yet.

Who are memberships for?

Our memberships are currently for businesses in the USA, and are best for builders, designers, and/or health care professionals. We're grateful for advocates and the international interest, but right now our memberships are US-based and B2B-oriented. Sign up here.

How does the directory get exposure?

We do outreach and education with various community organizations, churches, centers for independent living, physical rehabilitation centers, and other groups who help with home accessibility. We also provide a lot of free content, which gets eyeballs on this site. Check out this post for more information.

How can I access the forum?

You need a free account or a membership. Once you're signed in you'll see a link in the navigation for the dashboard. You can access the forum by clicking the link there, or directly via this link.

How can I access the assessments?

Our assessments are a members-only feature and can be found in the dashboard. We offer a free version at SafeScore.org, though there is no report management with it, nor the ability to add photos & notes.

Why measure universal design?

Measurement helps identify successful universal design and/or potential for improvement & increased safety. Our assessments calculate a UD SafeScore, which is the percentage of how universally-designed a space is for a wide range of users. The higher the score, the greater the safety. This is due to design features that collectively minimize risk of injury during everyday activities.

Why does the helpdesk exist?

This is our means of providing a private, one-on-one support to help businesses make well-informed design choices when considering a myriad of ages and levels of ability. We offer the helpdesk because there's a need for greater understanding of the relationship between the design of something, a wide range of users, and intended uses.

How does the helpdesk work?

Our helpdesk support is email-based, because (A) we all use email and (B) it's not anything extra for you to keep track of. We manage a dedicated address to keep conversations organized and accessible to our team. You'll find the Helpdesk form in the dashboard if you have a partner membership.

What can I use the helpdesk for?

Almost anything related to your design process, such as getting product recommendations, or reviewing questions, ideas, photos, blueprints, &/or sketches. That said, we can't give feedback about your client's health-related needs. We'll happily discuss general information about health conditions, but for specific recommendations, you'll need an occupational therapist or someone who has similar training to observe your client in-person. Please refer to the directory to find someone nearby.

Will I see a positive ROI?

We sure hope so! If you measure ROI in dollar amounts, our ideas should help net significantly more in paid work than what we charge. If you measure ROI in quality of life for your clients, well... what we offer may be priceless.

Do we offer refunds?

Yep. You can cancel your subscription through the dashboard. If you cancel within your first 30 days we'll refund 100% of your money, no questions asked. If you have a yearly membership and cancel after 30 days, we'll prorate a refund. If you have a monthly membership, it'll expire after the current billing cycle.