America needs more universally accessible homes… here’s why:

The supply doesn’t meet the need.

There are almost 140,000,000 housing units in the USA. Approximately 61,000,000 adults in the USA live with a disability. Roughly 200,000 housing units are wheelchair accessible. That means even less are universally accessible.


Our team will work with you to co-design homes that are truly functional for all people. But we don’t stop there. We’ll put your work in front of a national network of builders. Each time one of our design plans is used to build a new home, you’ll get paid.


People in your community need more accessible housing options. We work with architects to create construction documents that make it easy for you to build new universally accessible homes. Support is included for your clients who need extra help.

Phase One

There are nearly 400 areas across the USA with populations over 50,000. We’re working toward relationships with a minimum of one home builder in each of these areas who is well-equipped to build homes that are universally & financially accessible.