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You should have a say about how things are designed.

Why? Because universal design is usable by all people. That includes you.

The following survey is for individuals or caregivers, and is part of the research step (#2) in our universal design process. The information you share will be used to develop new ideas and training material. Your privacy is important to us; we won’t use any identifying information without your permission.

Survey: General

Q1: Health

Do you (or someone you care for) have health issues and/or a disability that makes life difficult? Briefly describe it to help us understand your other answers.

Q2: Home Design

If you had the opportunity to design a home (from scratch) to fully meet your needs, what are the high-priority things that you would want to include?

Q3: Activities & Events

If someone in your community is offering an activity or hosting an event, what do you look for to determine if you're able to participate and enjoy it?

Q4: Help from Others

What can other people do to help you feel welcome and included? What do you wish that others knew about (1) what's helpful to you? and (2) what's not?

What's next?

We'd love for you to consider being a volunteer Design Advisor. You'll have opportunities to help by reviewing our projects to ensure that things are usable by you. Just click the checkbox so we know to send you more info!


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