075: Accessible Communities

Join us as we discuss how the perception of disability and the social determinants of health impact the widespread implementation of UD in US neighborhoods.

074: Paint Color – An Array of UD Options

Paint color has a profound impact on how we interact with our world, sometimes causing us to run from it. Learn how color and contrast impact our function.

073: Universal Design: Living and Learning on Campus

We discuss a home environment that’s often overlooked… college. It’s a place where individuals can live, work, play, learn, and thrive so it needs UD too!

072: Home Design and Service Dogs

We discuss how the design of a home impacts service dogs helping their humans and adaptive strategies people can use to care for pets.

071: UD and Me Nate Pickett

Learn from our current OT student about his favorite UD things and how he became interested in non-traditional OT practice.

070: UD and Me Alee Halsey

JMU Occupational Therapy student, Alee Halsey, shares her favorite UD things from raised gardening beds to flexible lighting solutions.

069: Interview with Taylor Davis

Learn more about how an architect has learned to focus on the benefits of universal design in residential design for the clients she serves!

068: UD and Me Ashley Miller

Get to know Ashely and her great advice for DIYers like herself, to add in accessibility features with each home renovation.

067: UD and Me Daniel-Hannah Grace

OT student, Daniel-Hannah Grace, shares her favorite UD things and how she became interested in universal design!

066: Non-Traditional OT Practice

Discussion regarding the dynamic shift in the occupational therapy profession and emerging areas of practice.

065: Learned Creativity

Our Design Advisors get candid about how they channeled their creative side to make a good fit when there was no available or affordable option.

064: Forever Homes

The concept of a forever home and why most Americans want to remain in their homes for long periods of time, even if it is no longer a good fit.

063: Conversations about Flooring

Our Design Advisors share how flooring an be a good or poor fit in another episode of our candid conversations series!

062: Conversations about Bedrooms

Our Design Advisors get candid about how the design of bedrooms and closets can be a good fit or poor fit.

061: UD and Me: Rachel Melvin

OT student, Rachel Melvin, shares her favorite UD things and how she became interested in an internship with our organization.

060: Conversations about Outside Pathways

Our Design Advisors get candid about how the design of pathways to the front door can be a good fit or poor fit.

059: UD and Me: Nicole Grinberg

Our new interior design student, Nicole, sits down with the team to share what spawned her passion for universal design.

058: UD and Me: Maria Lindbergh

We welcome a very special guest today to discuss some favorite UD features and ideas!

057: Visitability

Perspectives on UD features that can make homes welcoming for a wide variety of people.

056: UD and Me: Viola Dwyer

What brought one of our most vocal design advisors to the world of universal design? Today we get to find out!

055: Most Common UD Features

Today we chat about the top 3 UD features that come up in most conversations about accessible design.

054: UD and Me: Matthew Shapiro

Learn more about Matthew’s favorite UD things and how 6 Wheels Consulting is impacting the community.

Advocacy Education

Our Team + Our Process

Learn about how we collaborate and why our professional team members and volunteers are a valuable part of the design/build process.

053: Public Restrooms

What do some of our Design Advisors have to say about the accessibility (or lack thereof) in public restrooms?

052: Temporary Disabilities

An interview series to learn more about the effect of temporary disabilities on everyday life.

051: Trash Day!

A chat about the smelly challenge of trash and some UD ideas that could make it easier for everyone!

050: 50th Episode Celebration!

A look back at some of our favorite moments from our first 50 episodes!

049: The Great Outdoors

A chat about inclusive and accessible outdoor recreation, just in time for the summer!

048: Summer Vacation!

It’s almost that time of year–summer vacation! Today we talk about vacation rentals and accessibility.


3D Printed Universal Design Products

While 3D printing is beginning to merge with home building, its ability to create products that provide more versatility in design holds great potential.