Fraudulant Charges

We’ve received several messages about card transactions from “universaldesignhomedec.” These aren’t from The Universal Design Project and we’re not sure where they’re coming from. Somehow our phone number is connected to them, though.

Our card statements say something different (I hesitate to share what, in case the fraudsters read this). If you have any charges from “universaldesignhomedec” and you didn’t authorize them, your best bet is to file a dispute with your bank or credit card company.

I wish we could resolve this problem, but we have no idea what the source is. If you have any more info about these transactions, please leave a comment below.



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  1. i just got a charge for 82.31 that i did not do. I will be getting to the bottom of this one.

  2. update….. I just called the number that was on my bank and the representative told me that I did agree to it and that I had to cancel something, some kind of subscription or something before the trial or another and I told them that I never authorized them to take any other money out of my account and she kept trying to tell me that I did. Finally I told her no, I wanted my money back and she said hold on let me see what I can do and then she asked me if I wanted 75% off and then I said no and she asked me if I knew anybody who would and I said no and then she said let me talk to my supervisor. Well, she comes back, and she tells me “Well my supervisor said I could offer you a 30% money back because there is no refund”. I said that is like $20, and she says it is about $21.52 or something like that and I said no I want my whole $82 back and then she said I cannot do that. I said, “Well I am going to call my lawyer and I am going to call the Better Business Bureau and I am going to get my money back because I did not authorize this. Then she comes back, and she goes well I can offer you a 50% refund I said no I want all my money back. She did cancel the subscription or whatever it was, and I said no I want my money back now I will be calling my lawyer tomorrow and I will get my money back. I did not hear anything for a moment and so I hung up. A few minutes later I looked at my phone and she had called me back. She left a message, and she told me her boss said I can authorize a 75% back if you do not call your lawyer or the Business Bureau. Just call us back and we will give you the 75% back. I am not calling them back because I know they are in the wrong and they know that they are because if they were not, they would not keep going up on my money back and so worried that I am going to call my lawyer. I want all my money back. I will keep you updated if you would like. Thank you.

    1. Thanks for this, Maria!

      That’s wild. I wouldn’t try to negotiate with them. They’re scammers and can’t be trusted. Just dispute the charge with your bank, or look into purchase protection through Visa/Mastercard, which should cover it. I hope this gets resolved soon!


  3. Oh yeah they said they have different retailers all over.

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